Cross-network open-source PUG module for PHP-IRC.

Four basic steps to PUG!

Joining the pug!

When you think you are ready to play a Pick-Up-Game, you must 1st load IRC and goto the channel #pugbot on GameSurge, Quakenet, and EnterTheGame. Once you have signed on IRC you must type .join after doing so you will then be logged as a player in the pug, you shall/may receive a msg saying somthing like GT-PUGBot: You have been added to the next PUG without a vote. When the player list reaches 10 the game will start and the bot will PM you the server info.


After you are signed in on IRC and joined the pug, say you want a certain map or gametype, You would type this for example .vote turnpike ts, than you shall see a notice saying GT-PUGBot: Vote accepted. if you would like to see what the current votes are use .votes

PUGBOT Maplist

There are many maps to chose from and even if u can't think of a map we got you covered just use .maps and it will display a list of maps. When entering a map name in a vote DO NOT put ut4_ in the name. You should download all the maps listed in .maps ahead of time to insure you don't run late cause your downloading the map still. You can find the maps at:

Players & Leaving!

Not sure who is in the PUG? well find out by using .view or .status and it will reply with a list of gamers in the pug. To see any active games currently going on use .active, to see the last pug that was played use .last. All players listed in the player list for a pug are expected to show up on time and stay for the entire game! (CTF & BOMB are two halves, don't leave at end of first half!!!)