Follow these rules to make sure you don't get kicked or banned from the game or channel.

Please use common sense in Pick Up Games. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

If you .join a PUG, you MUST show up. If you fail to show you will be banned.

If you need to leave early, please use .needringer and stay until someone joins as a ringer.


Please show respect to all players. Anyone caught harassing other players will be dealt with.

Do not disrespect ADMINS.

Demo's may be requested by an admin for any PUG. Admins are the only ones allowed to request demo's. Failure to produce a demo for a PUG could end in a 1 month ban.


You must stay for the entire PUG. This means you must stay in the server until the score board shows.

When you join the PUG go to spectator unless you are the captain.

Captains are expected to knife for first pick, pick the teams one by one, then /ready the game in a timely fasion.

No hacks accusations in game please. If you suspect someone, please report it to an admin.

No console, chat, or radio spam in game.


The official language is English for all public channels. There is a spanish channel for spanish speakers.

Please do not disturb wTf clan. You are welcome to join their channel but if they ask you to leave, please do so without causing a problem.

Recording of channels is NOT allowed in PUGBOT TS3.


English is the official language of PUGBOT. Please speak english in all public channels. Conversations in other languages will not be tolerated.

No PM'ing admins. If you have an issue please use .support [your problem here]

No posting NSFW links in #pugbot. Please keep everything rated R or less, no MA-17/X ratings in #pugbot please.

Advertising Urban Terror related material is allowed, no more than 1 message per 3 hour period. Some exceptions will be granted for special events.

You must stay in the IRC channel #pugbot for the duration of the game.

No leaving and rejoining channel to get around the end-of-pug timer.

Highly dynamic ip ranges are subject to AUTH ONLY use of PUGBOT. For more information related to AUTH'ing check under "AUTH PROCEDURES"

If you're using a BNC for IRC you will need to request a token with .sendtoken


Most bans will be a 1 week temp ban.

Ban evasion will end in a permanent ban.

Bans from FTWGL and STF league are enforced on PUGBOT too.

Anyone caught hacking will get a lifetime ban.

Arguing about the length of your ban will only make it longer.

If you have a question about your ban, or feel it was a mistake, PM slackin. No other admin has the power to unban another admin's ban.